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It's in our nature this inexhaustible energy
And from it we create sustainable solutions to accelerate the energy transition in the country.
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Reference in renewable energy in Brazil
With almost two decades of experience, we have knowledge in all links of the sector’s chain and we work so that our customers are protagonists in the energy transition. Through pioneering work in identifying the country's renewable resources, we have formed the largest portfolio of projects, with high-efficiency and scalable assets We have 3.1 GW of projects in operation and construction, in addition to the largest portfolio under development in the country, to offer the most competitive solutions to our customers.

Why we are protagonists of the energy transition

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Pioneers in identifying the best energy resources in Brazil, ensuring the most competitive locations for project development
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Largest portfolio
Largest and most competitive portfolio of renewable projects in the country, with assets that stand out for their high efficiency and reliability
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Culture of innovation
Innovation is part of all our processes aiming to continuously improve performance, create customized solutions and generate competitive advantages
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Knowledge across the entire chain
Vertically integrated structure throughout the entire sector chain, with a team working from the prospection and measurement of resources, implementation and operation of assets, to the commercialization of energy
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We develop large-scale projects, allowing for economies of scale and delivery of lower-cost energy to our customers.
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Investment in measurement and data
We are a reference in the scope and density of wind and solar measurements with a focus on generation performance, increasing the reliability and availability of energy in our assets

Our Story

We believe in Brazil's potential to lead the energy transition. We began our journey by identifying the best natural resources and became the largest renewable projects developer in the country. We have evolved as an energy generator and sustainable and competitive solutions provider for our customers and we are experiencing a new moment of accelerated growth through the synergies arising from a new global shareholder.

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Foundation of Casa dos Ventos and beginning of the largest wind exploration campaign in the world

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Sale of the first wind projects as a developer

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Investments with own capital in the implementation and generation of energy

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Portfolio diversification with addition of solar and hybrid projects

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Investment in generation assets and solutions dedicated to the free market

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Structuring energy transition projects based on green hydrogen and derivatives

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Entry of TotalEnergies as minority shareholder, the largest transaction in the renewables sector in Brazil

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A new partner: TotalEnergies

In the constant search for the evolution of our business and to accelerate the development of renewable sources in Brazil, we brought TotalEnergies, one of the largest energy companies in the world, to our journey. The partnership occurred through the acquisition of a 34% stake by TotalEnergies, making us its exclusive vehicle in renewable projects in the country. Complementarity and synergies help us pursue a future with even more opportunities and competitiveness. This union accelerates our growth, reinforces our governance standards, adds knowledge in new technologies and expands our perspectives on a global scale. With even more ambitious objectives, we are positioned to continue as protagonists of the energy transition in Brazil.

New solutions for the world's new demands

We have a complete portfolio of integrated and customized solutions so that our customers can reduce costs and achieve their emission targets in an efficient and sustainable way.

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Paisagem com complexo eólico

Together, building the future

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São Paulo
Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3477 Torre A
- 14º Andar (11) 4084-4200
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Av. Des. Moreira, 1300 Torre Norte - 15º Andar (85) 3034-9720

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