Free energy market

The free energy market is a contracting environment that allows consumers and generators to negotiate bilaterally the commercial conditions, supply period and flexibility of their contracts. We are leaders in offering customized solutions in this market. We combine its advantages with our ability to innovate to establish competitive partnerships with our customers, making them protagonists in their decarbonization journey. Our portfolio encompasses integrated solutions such as structured self-production models for large and medium consumers, facilitated migration of small and medium-sized companies to the free environment, green fuels, electrification of industrial processes, compensation of emissions with environmental certificates, among others.

Check out the advantages of being free with us below:

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Migration to free market

We migrate companies from the captive market (distributors) to the free market and represent all their interests in this environment. We carry out the entire process quickly, practically and without bureaucracy, ensuring savings, simplicity and security in the supply of renewable energy from our own assets.

Energy supply contracts

We offer short and long-term energy purchase and sale contracts, based on 100% renewable generation from our assets with high efficiency, scalability and generation reliability. Our portfolio includes products structured in reais and dollars, hedging solutions for consumers and energy generators, products based on seasonality, flexibility and modulation.

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We are pioneers in this modality and structure customized partnership models that are a reference in the market. In these structures, we are responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the asset, ensuring its performance and energy supply. Self-production is one of the most competitive solutions on the market, offering cost reduction, budget predictability and regulatory risk mitigation.

Solutions beyond the electron

Discover our integrated solutions to make our customers protagonists throughout their decarbonization journey.

Electrification of operations

We offer solutions for the conversion of processes that use fossil fuels, such as steam generation through boilers, to equipment that uses renewable electricity from our assets. We work from project conception to equipment installation, ensuring simplicity throughout the journey. Our customers reduce costs and emissions, having a more competitive, agile, sustainable production process with budget predictability.

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Green fuels

We offer solutions based on green fuels. Electricity is one of the main costs in the production of these products and, from our renewable generation assets, we provide customized options at competitive prices. We efficiently enable the decarbonization journey of transport, aviation, chemical, fertilizer, steel, mining companies, among others. See some examples:


Industrial boilers, blending in gas pipelines, direct reduction of iron and steel, hydrodesulfurization in refineries and long-distance vehicles


Production of nitrogen fertilizers and direct combustion in train and ship engines


Direct combustion in train and ship engines, production of biodiesel, gasoline and chemical products


Sustainable Aviation Fuel for aviation decarbonization with progressive blending

Environmental certificates

We offer solutions for our customers to offset greenhouse gas emissions, align their ESG agendas and contribute to a more sustainable future. See which ones:

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International renewable energy certification

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Carbon Credit

International certification that proves reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

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Customized solutions

For every demand, a solution

We offer a portfolio of integrated solutions and we understand that your business is unique and has particularities, which is why we also structure exclusive projects according to your consumption profile and demand.

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